An abstract kind in digital photography of lights sources surrounded by the night or darkness.

During a bbq-session at the French Atlantic Coast in summer of 2oo9 a certain capture just happened complete randomly. We’ve been kidding around and I got hit by a slight bump to my schoulder by a good buddy of mine, while my attempt, taking a photo of a lightbulb-chain at the spot in the night. (please find my very 1st capture down below).

I was immedialty fascinated by its uniqueness, the colours, all composition and of course – The specific and abstract flow of the motive itself.

To create these images a specific camera-setting is needed, as well as a particular movement/motion with the camera itself during the time of the exposure. THUS I FOLLOW THE CONCEPT OF THE ICM METHOD (Intentional Camera Motion), LIKE I HAVE BEEN TOLD LATER ON BY ANOTHER ARTIST IN THE WWW.

This special variance of taking photos led me to huge passion, which seduces me to enhance it regularly till this day.

It‘s very relevant to me to strongly emphasize, that I completely refuse to any pro-software editing to modify my pieces afterwards. I only allow myself some cropping, mirroring and slight lighting /contrasting. Through this ideology I am trying to optimally keep up the distinct transmitted moods including the original compositions, all captured colours and the originally flown dynamics. I ABSOLUTELY PREFER TO PRESENT TO MY VIEWERS THE GENUINE PHOTO AND CERTAINLY NOT ANY TYPE OF SOFTWARE SKILLSET !!

So, you’ll find that what you‘re looking at, is pure and authentic photography. Thx for your time!

The Beginning, Mimizan-Plage (France), in the night of July 14th 2oo9, 11:o7 pm

> The Beginning <

Mimizan-Plage (France), in the night of July 14th 2oo9, 11:o7 pm