Fabian P. Herfurth | autodidactic artist | nocturnal photography | Berlin


autodidactic photographer

discoverd his photographic
passion at age of 27 back in 2oo8

born 1981 in Dresden | raised in
Berlin & Aachen | moved to
Cologne | moved back to Berlin
and currently living there

nocturnal photography sessions (during nighttime) ONLY


a shooting session lasts usually 2 to 4 hours after sunset

you’re welcome to choose from your favourite
neighborhood in between Berlin zones A & B

shooting charge = 1oo,- €
5 photos of your choice = 15o,- €
10 photos of your choice = 25o,- €

(Yeppa, these some great rates!!)

print requests:

If any of the displayed photos appeal to you, please feel free to order those at the contact form.

The artist collaborates with the print studio Digitaldruck Punkt Cologne and you’re able to choose your selected photos to be printed to various media and desired sizes. So as fine-art prints, acrylic bonds, canvas linen prints etc. All common opportunities are ready to be selected.

You’ll be adviced here gladly fitting best to your personal preferences.

(All shown Night-Portraits are NOT available to be ordered!)


( lichtbilder )

Restaurant ,PAN BAGNAT’ Cologne, Dec. 2o15 – Mar. 2o16

Restaurant, Club & Art Space Fusion ,ZIMMERMANNS’
Cologne, Apr. 2o16 – Sep. 2o16

Dental Clinic ,SAEI’ Aachen, Sep. 2o16 – Dec. 2o17

Superior Coiffeur ,DER SCHEITEL’ Cologne, Jul. 2o17 – Aug. 2o18

Feb. 2o21 – ongoing

Contemporary arts-group display
,ART OF HUSTLIN // RASTSTAETTE’ Aachen, Jul. 2o18 – Aug. 2o18

Highclass Bar & Cigar Lounge ,STAIRS’ Berlin, Nov. 2o19 – ongoing

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